Skin FAQs


1) Q: What is a wart?

A: A wart is a small, rough growth. Warts are skin infections caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus (HPV). They are Painless except if they're on the bottoms of the feet or another piece of the body that contacted constantly.

2) Q: What are skin tags?

A: Skin tags are common, acquired benign skin growths they are excessive skin, which may appear as a mole but with a small attachment on the skin. Skin tags are harmless growths that can vary in number from one to hundreds. Males and females are equally prone to developing skin tags.

3) Q: Is treatment painful?

A: No, its not painful but sometime you might feel light tenderness like an ant bite.

4) Q: How is the procedure been done?

A: At Anoos, We have highly experienced dermatologists, experts and therapists, who will examine your concerns and will carry out a stress-free, reasonable treatment. Warts are removed with the Cosmo medical equipment with very ease. Any size of Warts/Skin Tags/Mole can be removed with our advance technology.

5) Q: Will the treatment leave any scars or marks on skin?

A: No, it depends on the growth. The protocols we follow are to ensure that there are no scars or marks. There might be light redness on the treated area for a day.

Blackhead/ Whiteheads FAQs

6) Q: What causes Blackhead/ Whiteheads?

A: Blackheads & Whiteheads develop when the skin's oil glands clog the skin's tiny openings which can also spoil your skin's complexion. Anoo's® offers treatments that will visibly diminish or remove these skin imperfections.

7) Q: How does the Black head/ White head treatment work?

A: At Anoos, we have highly experienced dermatologists, experts and therapists who will examine your concerns and will carry out a stress-free, reasonable treatment. With Cosmo medical equipment, treatment can be done with an ease. Black head/ White heads can be removed permanently with no scars or marks left after the treatments.

8) Q: What precautions are required to be taken for blackhead removal on nose and face?

A: The common precautions to prevent blackheads are as follows:

  • Do not squeeze or rub the affected skin with hands or fingers.
  • Always wash the skin clean and dry it before applying creams and moisturizers
  • Avoid exposure to the sunlight.
  • Regularly exfoliate the skin.

9) Q: Is the treatment painful?

A: No, it’s not painful but there might be slight tingling sensation for a sensitive condition.

10) Q: How Many sessions are required for this treatment?

A: Usually one session is enough but in rare case it requires one to three sessions depending on the severity of the case.

Stretch Marks FAQs

11) Q: What is the reason for the occurrence of Stretch Marks?

A: Stretch marks occur when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching beyond normal limits. Such stretching results either from growth spurts or rapid weight gains as might normally happen during adolescence, or as a result of frequent weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

12) Q: Can stretch mark be eradicated?

A: It varies from person to person, depending on the age of the stretch marks. As when skin is lost with its elasticity, it can’t be repaired fully. However you can relax and start the treatment to get amazing results.

13) Q: What procedure is involved for this treatment?

A: Treatment procedures at Anoo's® include:Advanced Antioxidant Therapy - Microdermabrasion, Derma Roller Rx / Collagen Induction Therapy, Deep Chemical Exfoliations, Laser Rx, and Deep Skin Therapy.

14) Q: What causes Pigmentation/Melasma?

A: Uneven skin tone is a generic term for all types of dark areas of the skin caused by the overproduction of the skin pigment, melanin. It is commonly caused by overexposure to the Sun, the body's natural hormonal changes, visible blood vessels (Rosacea), or inflammation caused by skin conditions such as acne.

15) Q: How many sessions do I have to attend for the dark spot treatment?

A: It varies from person to person, depending on your skin concern and requirement. Our dermatologists can guide the suitable treatment after evaluating your unique skin condition.

16) Q: How do the procedures work?

A: Treatment procedures at Anoo's® include: Fruit Acid Peels, Enzyme Peels, Deep Skin Therapy, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, Skin Lightening Facials, Mesotheraphy, Mechanical Exfoliations such as Microdermabrasion, etc. and done by our highly experienced dermatologists, experts and therapists.

17) Q: How frequently one has to undergo the treatment?

A: It is based on the skin sensitivity and the skin concern. One may have to visit the clinic for one to three weeks.


18) Q: What causes Pre Mature aging?

A: Ageing is a natural physiological change caused by intrinsic (genes & hormones) and extrinsic factors (lifestyle habits, UV exposure, pollution). The latter can make you look older than you are. Symptoms include: Dryness, sensitivity, age spots, pigments changes, uneven skin tone, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging & prominent folds.

19) Q: How do the procedures work?

A: Treatment procedures at Anoo's® include: Collagen Induction Therapy, Chemical & Mechanical Exfoliations, Non-surgical Face uplifting, Laser, Radio Frequency Treatment, PRP, Microneedling, Mesotherapy, Laser Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, Deep Skin Therapy, Botox and Fillers etc.

21) Q: How much this treatment cost?

Anoo's® recognizes that each skin type has special needs, so its skin experts will do a complete skin analysis to assess the problem and customize a treatment and the package for you.

22) Q: Is the Botox/ Fillers procedure painful?

A: The procedures such as the Botox treatment are completely painless. You only have to bear with a small pin-prick and that’s all! The numbing gel, which will be applied pre treatment, will ensure that you do not experience discomfort.

23) Q: Are there any side effects of these treatments?

A: There are no side effects since these are plant proteins injected into the skin it has no/minimal side effects and it’s done by our best dermatologists.

Double Chin

24) Q: Why does Double Chin develop?

A: A double chin occurs when a layer of fat develops underneath the chin. It may be caused by several factors such as weight gain or age-related loosening of the skin.

25) Q: Is this procedure safe?

A:Our treatment is a procedure approved by the US FDA and at Anoos it is done by the certified dermatologist. Therefore, it is a completely safe procedure to a get a more chiselled look to your face.

26) Q: How do the procedures work?

A: Treatment procedures at Anoo's® include: Meso Therapy, Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening with Deep Skin Therapy and Non-Surgical face uplift.

27) Q: Who are eligible for this treatment?

A: People with fat deposit under the chin or saggy double chin are recommended for this treatment.