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Eliminate your double chin and enhance your jaw line. Mesotherapy is an effective approach for non-surgically reducing fat and cellulite. Recovery is quick and normal activities can be resumed the day following treatment.

Mesotherapy for spot fat reduction Fat Dissolving Injections is a treatment that helps to dissolve stubborn fat deposits easily and non-surgically. Many people suffer from stubborn areas of fat deposits in their body and sometimes even a strict dietary and exercise regime fails to reduce these stubborn areas of fat deposits.

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Mesotherapy Hair loss Treatment FAQs

1) Q: Is Mesotherapy Treatment Painful?

A: As during Mesotherapy treatment nutrients are injected in to the derms layer, so the patient will not feel any pain, though few patients reported that they felt a pinch or burning sensation during and after the procedure. To give you relief from the burning sensation your surgeon might give you an ointment or gel that can be applied on the treated area.

2) Q: When can I expect Results after Mesotherapy?

A: Hair growth results after Mesotherapy hair loss treatment may differ from patient to patient, as some of the patients reported results just after their first session, although the usual time expected to show results after Mesotherapy treatment is fourth to the fifth session.

3) Q: How many and how long Mesotherapy sessions do I need to take?

A: Ten to fifteen Mesotherapy sessions are required to complete the hair restoration treatment, and every Mesotherapy session will be associated with a gap of one week and time per Mesotherapy session may vary from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the area to be treated for hair loss.

3) Q: What are the Possible Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

A: Mesotherapy is a safe process and there are no side effects at all that you need to worry about, although in few patients it is recorded that the treated area might experience bruising. This will not last for more than a week

As an ending note to this article, we will say that if you are thinking of getting your hair restored then mesotherapy is the best process available. Mesotherapy is painless and side effects are next to zero, but before you opt mesotherapy for your hair restoration, it would be best to consult an expert hair restoration or hair transplant surgeon as every patient is different and so are their needs.